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An X-Ray of serial killer Albert Fish's pelvis, illustrating the large amount of needles that he inserted into his perineum in order to achieve sexual gratification. Fish was a sadomasochist, both deriving sexual pleasure from pain inflicted on himself as well as pain that he would inflict on others. While the above photo looks brutal, Fish also murdered and ate 10 year old Grace Budd before sending taunting letters to her parents showing that his cruelty to others surpassed the pain he inflicted on himself.

"The Show" (1927) - Tod Browning

ph by Kelly Klein for A Magazine

shattered on the forest floor by berserker… on Flickr.

Dioptase with Bayldonite
Very sharp Dioptase crystals, small but with very well defined faces and edges, translucent, very bright, on Calcite and partially coated by micro-crystalline spheroidal Bayldonite aggregates with a clearer Green color

(by fionaveronique)


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